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"10 Things
You Must Know Before Starting
As A Creative Entrepreneur"

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Avoid the most common
mistakes Artists, Creatives & Entrepreneurs are making:

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Dear Creator or Business Builder, are you having trouble managing your work? Working your ass off and not making progress? If your goal is to turn your passion into a profession or your business into a vehicle to freedom then this will be the most important & free ebook you'll ever read. Here’s why: My name is Yoshi De Schrijver AKA Yoshi Ono, I decided to quit school to start a freelance career. Boy did I make ALOT of mistakes !
I fell into the hoax of toxic productivity, focused on making everything "look good", working 24/7 on objectives that didn't matter. I was focussed on "busy" not productive, efficient and effective tasks. Then, one day, I decided to take a step back & discovered the most important concepts you must know before starting your journey.

With this little Ebook, my hope is for you to skip the major mistakes creatives and entrepreneurs are making so you can propel to success in half the time.